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for solving complex tasks.


for long-term partnerships.


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With a passion for technology and progress

That's what drives us. We like to program, develop and test. We are always looking for new challenges that push us and the state of the art to their limits.

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Our vision

We see a future in which companies can fully exploit efficiency and energy saving potentials with the help of innovative technologies. We are proud when we can use our know-how for a sustainable and successful corporate and climate strategy.

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Our mission

We support companies that have the urge to drive technological advances. We and our partners are constantly setting new standards with innovative and creative system developments.

You can expect that

typically adcos

Transparent and based on partnership

We involve you in each of our development processes. With our modern development methods, we lead your idea to success.

Fast and absolutely safe

We are fast because we like to work efficiently on our projects. Quality and safety are always guaranteed by procedures based on established standards.

With respect for people and nature

The development of sustainable mechatronic systems requires a lot of know-how. Our solutions are always state-of-the-art, especially when it comes to longevity and climate friendliness.

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts." Aristoteles

The adcos story

How it started

adcos was founded in Cologne in April 2010 by the managing directors Stephan Klotzbach and Daniele Pagin. Connected by a long-standing friendship and a common professional history since their student days, they decided to become self-employed with the aim of implementing technology-heavy and know-how-rich projects in the field of mechatronic systems. With their background in software development, they laid the foundation for adcos and soon expanded the company with a small team of hardware developers.

The backgrounds

The name "adcos" stands for "advanced control systems" and reflects the company's claim to innovative developments and products. adcos has made a name for itself as an established development partner in various sectors, especially in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. adcos was able to consolidate its position in the market with continuous growth in turnover and employees.

Important milestones

OVALO GmbH has been a partner at adcos since 2014. Together, adcos and OVALO have successfully brought the AUDI eABC (fully active chassis control) to series production. Since 2017, OVALO has been part of the Nabtesco Group, which has opened up new opportunities for adcos to collaborate in areas such as aerospace, commercial vehicles and robotics.

Status today

Currently, more than 20 engineers from various disciplines work at adcos, including mechatronics, control engineering, electrical engineering, communications engineering, IT, and aerospace engineering. Both software and electronic hardware development are key areas of adcos and complement each other. The smooth transition between the development areas creates many points of contact and a lively professional exchange between the developers.

Shape the future

adcos stands for continuous innovation and the pursuit of advanced control and regulation systems in the technology industry. As a trustworthy development partner, the company has firmly established its position in the industry and continues on its successful course.

We are here for you

The management of adcos

Geschäftsführer von adcos
CEO & Founder
+49 (0) 221 / 16 80 59 - 10

Stephan Klotzbach has extensive theoretical and methodological expertise in the field of model-based mechatronic system development and is characterized by his interdisciplinary perspectives.

In addition to managing mechatronic system development projects, he is responsible for operational business processing. He is also responsible for the development processes Automotive-SPICE and ISO 26262.

Geschäftsführer von adcos
CTO & Founder
+49 (0) 221 / 16 80 59 - 11

Daniele Pagin has extensive specialist knowledge in the areas of modeling, simulation and control engineering, as well as many years of experience in the development of mechatronic systems.

His passion lies in the practical application of mathematical/physical methods and theories. He is responsible for research and development at adcos and manages customer projects in the field of mechatronic system development.

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