Setting ideas in motion
Setting ideas in motion

Modeling and Simulation

The modeling and simulation of mechatronic systems is one of our strengths. We rely on a proven methodical approach that represents the depicted system by a physical equivalent model and describes its dynamic behavior by mathematical equations. The dynamic and static behavior of this model is matched by specific parameter identification with the real system behavior.

Especially in the domains of mechanics, electrics / electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and thermodynamics, we have extensive expertise, which we have bundled in validated model libraries into MATLAB / Simulink.

  • Physical abstraction and mathematical description of mechatronic systems
  • Parameter identification and model validation
  • Model-based system analysis and system optimization
  • Simulation- and feasibility studies
  • Customer-specific models and model libraries in MATLAB / Simulink
  • Tailored real-time models and model architectures for HIL systems