Setting ideas in motion
Setting ideas in motion

Embedded Software

We develop tailored embedded software for customer applications and the used microcontroller. Our focus is the development of modularized embedded software and operating systems with efficient computing times. Also, we offer tailored software frameworks for the integration of generated code (Real-Time Workshop, TargetLink) from the model-based software development.

  • Modularized embedded software with computationally efficient real-time operating system
  • Complex hardware drivers for timing and event-based features
  • Communication interfaces (CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet)
  • Application interfaces according to ASAP2 standard (CCP, XCP)
  • C-coded frameworks for the integration of generated code
  • Rapid Control Prototyping with MathWorks Real-Time Workshop
  • Production code generation with dSPACE TargetLink
  • AUTOSAR Software Components (SWC's) and RTE generation