Setting ideas in motion
Setting ideas in motion

ECU Development

We have extensive experience in the development of ECUs with integrated power amplifiers. In addition to our rapid-control prototyping platform PUMA, the focus is on the development of customer-specific, space-integrated production ECUs. Process-faithful and safety-compliant implementation is as much a matter of course as the use of simulations and powerful development tools. We also pay special attention to the 3D integration of the electronics in the available space and the corresponding thermal connection.

  • ECU development (12V to 800V rated voltage)
  • Integrated power stages for electric actuators
  • Circuit simulation and thermal design
  • Circuit design and PCB layout
  • 3D space integration
  • Current microcontrollers:
    • STMicroelectronics ARM-Cortex-M7 (family STM32H7)
    • Microchip dsPIC (dsPIC33EV, dsPIC33EP)
    • Cypress (formerly Spansion / Fujitsu) FM4/ARM-Cortex-M4 (family MB9B560R)
    • NXP (formerly Freescale) PowerPC (MPC5675K, MPC5567)
  • Function integration through code generation from MATLAB/Simulink (Simulink Coder, dSPACE TargetLink)
  • Application according to ASAP2 standard via XCP