Setting ideas in motion
Setting ideas in motion


The version PUMA-PSI (Logic-ECU PUMA with Power Stage Interface) provides an integrated interface for controlling external power stages. The interface is realized by highly configurable PWM outputs for controlling the power semiconductors and PWM synchronous analog inputs for current and voltage measurement. Due to the complete galvanic isolation of the interface PUMA-PSI is also suitable for the control of high-voltage power stages. The software development and configuration of the interface is done as usual in MATLAB / Simulink.


  • 8x2 PWM outputs (each low und high) for control of a total of 8 half bridges
  • 8 PWM-synchronous triggered analog inputs for current and voltage measurement
  • Ideally suited for software development and testing of electric drive units (inverter and motor)
  • Full galvanic isolation of all inputs and outputs of the power stage interface
  • SW-configurable PWM frequency from 100Hz to 100kHz
  • SW-configurable inverter dead times to avoid electric short circuits
  • SW-configurable measurement sample points for PWM-synchronous triggered analog inputs
  • Setting the duty cycles and Tri-States for each half bridge in Simulink
  • Configuration of the complete interface with PUMA-RTI
  • Computation unit identical to PUMA

Complete information and technical data are available in our PUMA-Flyer: