Setting ideas in motion
Setting ideas in motion


The variant PUMA-MPI (PUMA ECU with integrated motor power inverter) comes with a integrated high current power stage for the operation of electronically commutated 3-phase motors. This power stage is equipped with numerous sensors for the measurement of all relevant voltages, currents and temperatures. Additionally, a precharge stage, inverse polarity protection and a EMV-filter is integrated.


  • B6-Bridge
    • Setup with 3 discrete half bridges
    • Parallel mosfets for higher current carrying capacity
    • Nominal current motor phases: +/-150 A
    • Maximum current motor phases: +/-240 A
  • Sensors
    • Currents and voltages: U-, V-, W-phases and DC-link
    • Temperatures: PCB at U-, V-, W-phases
  • DC-Link
    • Nominal voltage range: 12 - 48 V
    • Maximum permitted voltage range: 7 - 58 V
    • Precharge stage, inverse polarity protection and EMC-filter
  • ECU and I/O identical to PUMA

Feel free to ask for our support and competence for the model based design and commissioning of control algorithms for your motors.

Complete information and technical data are available in our PUMA-Flyer: