Setting ideas in motion
Setting ideas in motion

PUMA - Prototyping Unit for Modelbased Applications

With PUMA, we offer a compact and universal Rapid-Control-Prototyping-Platform optionally with integrated power electronics for the near to production model based software development with MATLAB/Simulink or dSPACE TargetLink.


  • Powerful Dual-Core Automotive Microcontroller
  • Comprehensive Analog- und Digital-I/O
  • Communication Interfaces CAN / FlexRay / LIN
  • Integrated universal power stages
  • Rated Operating Voltage 12 - 48 V
  • Software design and automatic code generation with MATLAB/Simulink or dSPACE TargetLink
  • Comfortable I/O-configuration by a graphical user interface in MATLAB
  • CAN- and FlexRay-configuration via import of DBC- and FIBEX-Files
  • Application according to ASAP2 via XCP-on-ethernet (e.g. with Vector CANape or ETAS INCA)
  • Available versions:
    • PUMA (without power stage)
    • PUMA-MPI (with Motor Power Inverter)
    • PUMA-PTM (with Power Transistor Module)
    • PUMA-PSI (with Power Stage Interface)

Field of Application

The typical application area of PUMA is the model based software design with MATLAB/Simulnik or dSPACE TargetLink, focussing a first near to production function and concept confirmation. Due to optionally integrated power stages, PUMA is predestinated for the control of various electric actuators.

With PUMA, a universal development platform also for field tests with larger test fleets is available at an attractive price performance ratio.

Complete information and technical data are available in our PUMA-Flyer: