Setting ideas in motion
Setting ideas in motion

Quality Management

The following quality principles apply for our company.

Customer Orientation

Professionally, we fulfill the challenges of our customers as well as their needs and quality requirements.

Services and Product Orientation

Our services and products are always on the actual state-of-the-art of technology and reflect our extensive knowledge and our commitment to excellence and quality.

Employee Orientation

We support the qualities and passions of our employees, give them competence and involve them in important decisions.

Competitive Orientation

We position ourselves in the market with a clear and coherent business model and create the best solutions using the experience and dedication of our employees.


Applied Standards

EN ISO 9001

The EN ISO 9001 is an internationally accepted norm that specifies requirements for quality management of a company to provide products and services to the satisfaction of the customer. For this reason, adcos introduced a quality management and processes leaned on this standard for the commercial and technical project management.

ISO 26262

The ISO 26262 defines internationally accepted standards for the development of safety-critical systems in the automotive sector. This standard specifies a development process and a system life cycle, which ensures that the developed system fulfills its security classification (ASIL-A to ASIL-D). adcos has introduced an appropriate development process and a suitable tool chain for developing safety-critical model-based software and applied it in customer projects.

SPICE / ISO 15504

This norm defines an international standard for quality assurance in software development and to perform assessments for the associated development processes within the company. For quality assurance adcos has introduced standard SPICE processes and applied them to software development in customer projects.