Setting ideas in motion
Setting ideas in motion

Business Model

Our business model with the fields of software and hardware is tailored to the development of mechatronic systems. We define ourselves as a specialized development partner and accompany our customers through the takeover and responsibility of trades across all stages of the mechatronic system development - from the initial idea to the final series product.

Through the use of interdisciplinary theoretical and practical expertise as well as the application of model- and simulation-based development methods and tools, we guarantee innovative and high-quality solutions.

Furthermore, our products offer a powerful rapid-control prototyping platform for the model-based software development.

We continuously invest in our own internal research and development in order to deepen and expand our core competencies.

In addition, we have the Automotive-SPICE and ISO 26262 process landscapes, so that we can guarantee the quality and safety standards demanded in series products.